HELLO 2018.

Here are 6 lessons that I learnt from 2017 and that I have brought with me to 2018. •Your grade doesn’t determine your future, your purpose does..... •Everything falls into place when it should.... •All good things have the possibility to come to come to an end.....  •It’s okay to admit when you make a mistake...

Fun, Food and Friends


Hello beautiful people. Oh my, It's barely been a minute and I feel like it's been forever. I have missed you guys so much, like missed calls from Mississippi.. lol yes guys, I know, I'm hilarious, karibu hata niitwe Hilary. DAMNNN. Today I'm on a roll, like tissue. haha. okay okay, don't go yet, I'm done (like Daniel). I just had… Continue reading FOREST ADVENTURE. 



Hello beautiful people. Did you know that saliva has a boiling point that is 3 times that of regular water? I didn’t know either until recently. 3 times! That’s crazy. Honestly, I’m not even that interested in the fact itself. I’m just wondering, how was this even discovered? So I’m guessing John (random name) was… Continue reading BREAKING THE ICE. Part 1.