HELLO 2018.

‘Ati sasa tumeruka mwaka.’ – Kenyan proverb. (Still waiting to see where this skipping rope is. Lol).

Hello Beautiful people. Yes, I’m back with a bang, ready and excited for 2018. December has been such a reflective month for me and as 2017 was coming to an end, I had this bitter sweet feeling, because it was one of those years where there was so much good that happened, and equally so much bad. So today, I’m going to share 6 lessons that have really stood out for me from 2017 and that I have brought with me to 2018.


  • Your grade doesn’t determine your future, your purpose does.

Growing up, getting an A in High School was always made to seem like something that’s so detrimental to who you become, and getting lower than what people expected of you was silently frowned upon. I’m not dismissing the importance of studying hard and passing your exams and what not, but the biggest lesson I’ve learnt in 2017 is that it does not entirely determine who you are meant to be in life.

Here’s a bit of my story. After I cleared High School with pretty good grades, I succumbed to the expectation of pursuing one of the ‘big four’ careers, (Medicine, Law, Engineering, Architecture) and so I chose to pursue a law degree in UON. Honestly, I didn’t hate it. The problem was that I’m a creative and that my heart was elsewhere. Although, we must admit that there’s a lot of creativity that goes into lying in court. (HTGAWM anyone?) Anyway, long story short, in 2017 I dropped out of UON law school to pursue a career in journalism.

When I tell people this story, some people attack me with the whole, ‘Foi you’re wasting your brain’ thing. No hunny, I’m not. I’m using it in the place it is needed. It’s so fulfilling to wake up and do something you love, to go to school and actually enjoy it, to do something that’s your God-given purpose, that you have a talent and passion for, and that keeps you awake at night trying to do more even despite the hardships. For me, that place wasn’t law school, or med school, or engineering, or any of those, for you, maybe it is (and there’s nothing wrong with that). All I’m saying is… your purpose is linked with your passions and your talents, discover them, and pursue that! This blog in itself, my YouTube channel and the other things I do in my life are me trying to pursue mine. You literally only live once, might as well just do it right.


  • Everything falls into place when it should.

In all the ups and downs of 2017, I learnt to let things be, not to be so hard on myself for not being able to achieve the impossible standards I sometimes set for myself, to let myself naturally heal from situations and to just be patient with myself. I mean, we all want to achieve our goals and to experience certain things. But hunny, things happen when they should, not when you want them to. Maybe you really want that boyfriend/girlfriend to come into your life or maybe it’s that big breakthrough that keeps you up at night. It’s okay to be eager about good things happening, just don’t stress about it. Maybe the reason he/she is not here, or the breakthrough hasn’t come, is simply because you’re not ready. Be patient with yourself. Everything will fall into place eventually.


  • All good things have the possibility to come to an end. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had such a hard time letting go of people, and of course, life has a way of grabbing you by the ear and teaching you a few things. In just 2017, with the number of loved ones who’ve left us way too soon, the number of people we’ve had to cut off or who’ve cut us off, the number of close friends or family who’ve probably just left the country, I hope that you’re also slowly learning to let go. Sometimes we hold on to people, things, or situations that aren’t in our reach anymore. I’m starting to learn that everything actually has a purpose, and sometimes it’s time to say goodbye when that thing (person/situation) serves its purpose. So guard your heart, because even the most beautiful things have the capability of coming to an end.


  • It’s okay to admit when you make a mistake.

Guilt: One of the feelings that many people try to run away from.

There’s no sane human being who wants to bare the burden of knowing that they are the cause of someone else’s pain, I guess that’s why we are always playing blame games when confronted about our mistakes. In 2017 I had to either lose really amazing people in my life, or learn how to accept that I was on the wrong and try to make things right. 2017 taught me that it’s okay to be wrong and to apologize for your mistakes. It doesn’t make you less of a person, it actually makes you more humane, for being able to realize how your imperfections could lead to misunderstandings.


  • Dreams don’t chase themselves.

TDLC- This is an award that should be given to Kenyans on a silver platter. It stands for Talented Dreamer Lazy and Complainant. It’s a real thing. Haiya, check it out. For real though, I have met such incredible people this far, people with beautiful dreams and who are so talented in what they do. Problem is, we have this habit of letting our dreams remain as just that, dreams. Then we go ahead and complain about the country and how it’s not providing the space for us to achieve what we want, when in reality we just want people to do things for us, to push us, or to open back doors to make it easier for us. In 2017 I decided to stop sitting on the things I want to achieve, and to start making moves. God blesses the work of your hands, so stop dreaming and start doing.


  • God is love.

“I’m here today because God kept me, I’m alive today only because of His grace.” This is a line from Kurt Carr’s song, I almost let go. It keeps ringing in my head when I think of 2017. Oh my, I could literally go on and on about the love, favor and grace that I have experience from God in 2017. Despite the imperfect Christian that I am, God has held my hand in every situation, even in those situations that I didn’t think I would get out of, He has blessed me beyond what I deserve and loved me unconditionally even when I couldn’t reciprocate that love. 2017 taught me so much about His love, and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for me.


Tell me, what lesson have you learnt from 2017? Comment below, I’d really like to know.

Photography credits: @afrocanqueen

That’s it for today. Wishing you a blessed January and a fulfilling 2018.

2018 will be as good as you allow it to be. 

Remember to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud. Xx
Glow and Grow. Xx

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42 thoughts on “HELLO 2018.”

  1. I love this! I’ve learnt that a little sincere prayer goes a LOOONG way. That I was a frustrated, miserable and hurt girl cause I was not opening up to God and letting Him lead me. The peace that comes over my heart when I pour out my woes to Him is priceless.

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  2. Wow , it’s always a great read ! . Thanks for this Foi.
    My two greatest lessons from 2017 are,
    1) you can always face the situation you are challenged with. You are strong enough .
    2) you will only achieve what you decide to Achieve . I mean don’t just always look for people who have made it in life and read their success stories . Get up and make it because honestly you are the only hindrance to your success.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heyy. Thank you so much for the love and support. You are such a sweetheart honestly. I’m entirely grateful for you.
      Thank you for sharing this. It is true, we are strong enough to overcome the hardest situations and we have to put actions into achieving our goals. I pray you’ll never forget the lessons you learnt. Love and light 😘


  3. Eh 2017! The year almost completely drained me. But I find strength in God. He gives us battles that He knows we can handle. So basically whenever I faced a challenge, I realised in the long run that God actually put me through that to grow from it, learn from it and be strengthened by it. He knew I needed it and could handle it. Blessed 2018!💕

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  4. I went through so much. But i came to realise that life make things easy for us. We have to do our best to make it easier for ourselves.


  5. In 2017 i realised God timing is perfect in so many ways , prayers are much more important. Selflove means everthing, smile its the best cure. You don’t wait for someone to push your ass to do anything, but you wake up and decides to push your self harder.

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  6. This piece is just amazing…. Speaks out most people’s thoughts… The primary goal in life is finding purpose… I couldn’t agree more on this… But at times… Circumstances don’t give us an option of doing what we love.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. Yeah, purpose should be the goal.
      You’re actually very right. Sometimes circumstances, but I still feel like you can work with those circumstances, like go to school to do something you have to do, but do what you want on the side, like music on the side etc. you never know, you’d rather try and fail than not try at all


  7. I actually haven’t learnt to let go but I hope I slowly and surely get there soon. But I learnt to guard my heart because I take care of everyone and forget myself in the process, and sadly betrayal doesn’t come from strangers..

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  8. Love love this post , so relatable 💕💕
    In 2017 i learnt to put love ,happiness and peace as my main priority because no one you’ll ever meet in this life will ever give you those three if you don’t have them within .😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. And I appreciate that you took your time to read.
      Oh my. I’m so happy to hear that. It’s very true. They can’t be found from the external. Continue with this journey sweetheart 😊


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