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Hello beautiful people. Oh my, It’s barely been a minute and I feel like it’s been forever. I have missed you guys so much, like missed calls from Mississippi.. lol yes guys, I know, I’m hilarious, karibu hata niitwe Hilary. DAMNNN. Today I’m on a roll, like tissue. haha. okay okay, don’t go yet, I’m done (like Daniel). I just had to. That’s the last one. lol.

Before we dive into it, random fact, apparently, monkeys and chimpanzees are ticklish at the same areas as human beings. I don’t know why I felt like sharing that, maybe it’s because today’s blog post is associated with a forest and nature, or maybe it’s because I’m just sick in the head (probably the latter). Honestly though, I’m so curious to actually see if it’s real or not, so if you ever hear that Foi was at The Forest or KWS and got arrested, you know why.

Anyway, today my blog post is a bit different. Well, maybe not that much, because I’ll be doing this once in a while. Aside from my blubbering, I’ll be sharing just a bit of my world and the beauty, food, culture and fun that’s on this side of Africa. We’re not just rainbow monkeys running around naked and emaciated. There’s so much to celebrate on this side of Africa.

Let’s jump into it, shall we? So, not so long ago was the birthday of my girl Lora, and to celebrate that she was finally turning 54 years old, we went to Kereita Forest (otherwise just known as ‘The Forest’), which is in Kiambu county, apparently. Oh my, you guys, the place is breathtaking. For anyone who knows me well, you know how much I love nature, so yeah, I was simply taken aback. There are so many fun activities to be done at the forest, from bike riding, paintball, nature walks, archery, zip lining etc. We just went for the zip lining part of it and what ended up being a mini photo shoot.

So yeah, here’s how that went down… ft. 4 of my 5 rainbow monkeys (don’t be fooled, they are as messed up in the head as I am).

Monkeys at the sign post at the entrance.

Even before you reach the entrance, you’re greeted by a long stretch of nature, vast land filled with green grass and beautiful tall trees (I have posted the video on my instagram, because sadly, I couldn’t post it here.)


Even before we got to paying for our zip lining, the photo shoots began. The place is just too beautiful not to take photos, especially on this bicycle and with these twin birds. They were literally just staring at us urging us to take photos.

The atmosphere at this place gave me so much life. From the nature, to their cool signs, the art around the place, the colors on the walls, the architecture. Honestly, I felt sad that I didn’t know about this place until this day.


Adjacent to where payments are made, is a big indoor dining area, with these beautiful pieces of art. I’m obsessed with a few things in this world, one of them is art, and although I can’t draw to save my life, I can’t help but admire. I love these ones specifically because they are related to nature.

We insisted on the birthday girl going first.
Miriam and our cool instructor Batman.
Me before disaster happened.
Tranyo on the second zip line

At first you do a trial, where you’re basically told and shown what to do and not to do and get to try out those instructions before you go to the actual zip lines. The nerves don’t hit you until you reach the actual zip line, see the distance, and imagine how far you’d fall if things went wrong. However, when you actually start, you realize it’s not as scary. (There’s a video posted on my instagram). Instead of closing your eyes as you had told yourself you would do, you can’t help but marvel at the scenery underneath and around you. It’s so breathtaking, the land is green and stretches out far and wide.

The funniest thing happened though, I got stuck when I was 3/4 the way to the other side. I literally just stopped, not on purpose of course, I don’t have a death wish, and instead of freaking out, I started laughing (partly because I had so much adrenaline in me, and partly because I understood why my mom insists on wanting me to weigh more than the 20kgs I have now lol). When we were doing the trial, we were told what to do if that happens, but I couldn’t stop laughing, so Batman’s partner (I cant remember his name) came to the rescue.

After we were done.

See the nature at the background? The zip lines run somewhere in between there.

Then there’s this beautiful bright yellow wall at the outside dining area that we could not refuse the shameless temptation of using as a background for some of our photos.

Just before we left for a late lunch and to go buy groceries from the market nearby (cause we love our moms and things there are less expensive), we had to explore a bit, take more photos and embrace the children in us.

Out of all the pieces of art that we found at this place. For me, nothing beats this one. If you were to ask me to show you a painting that describes my blog, it would be this one. It’s like I was meant to find it. The lady who low-key could be me, the rainbow colors, the wildlife (a representation of Africa), the glasses. She’s seeing life as more than just black and white, she’s seeing life with all its color, and she is left in awe of the beauty life has to offer, especially in Africa. (For a second there I felt like one of those art enthusiasts in movies who always see really deep things when all I’m seeing is paint smudged on a canvas by a 2-year-old).

So yeah, that was our fun adventure at The Forest.

Life is meant for good friends and great adventures.

What has been one of your most exciting adventures in Kenya/Africa? Share in the comments below.

That’s it for today. Thank you for reading. Don’t forget to like, share, comment and follow. Till next time, Chao.

Grow and Glow. Xx ✨


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  1. Hi your blog is just amazing!!!!!!! You may not know me but we were in the same high school, though I’m still in high school. Anyway, I think your work is amazing and your jokes are just another story. This has inspired me so much. Keep shining girl!!!!

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