Hello beautiful people. So in light with the season we are in as a country, I had to do a little something. I believe we are campaigning for peace so much as a country because we wouldn’t want to see Kenya divided ever again. I know, yaliyo ndwele sipite, but honestly, what happened a few years ago will forever be in our minds, a reminder of who we never want to be again. I believe that was a wake up call, that taught us that despite the many differences we may have, the love for our country surpasses all that. With that in mind, what exactly do you love about Kenya? I believe that once you know exactly what you love about something is when you can actually be able to protect it. I mean, you can’t purposely hurt what you love, right?

I could have easily done all the blubbering on this blog post (y’all know I can talk forever), but hey, I’m not the only Kenyan out here. So I did a little digging and asked a couple of beautiful Kenyans why they love our country, and here’s what they had to say.

“Where in the world can you find a smokie guy right outside the club , fingers that can tweet in record time and feet that achieve the same, land that replicates art from the coast to the lake side , people who are so diverse and a traffic system like ours ! Our country deserves good leadership, it deserves change , to grow and to prosper but before we get there, I will not fear to love it any less. My Kenya , My Land.”

Tracey Njoroge. 

“I honestly love Kenya because of the hustle. We’re always on the grind. I love Kenya because it’s home. I travelled only to realize how much I love Kenya because I was home.”

Tiffany Nyoike.

“I love Kenya because of its people. The silly memes Kenyans come up with in less than 12 hours of an incident. Kevin Hart ain’t shit no more.”
Paulette Waweru. 

“I love Kenya because of mutura. Lol.”
– Angela Sholei.
“I love Kenya for many reasons. First, it’s my homeland. I was born and raised in Kenya. It’s also a very beautiful country, I have climbed Mt. Kenya, Mt. Longonot and hiked in Sagana and all these places are breathtaking and mind-blowing. I also love the diversity of the cultures in Kenya and the different cuisines.. It’s amazing. I love the National anthem and the National flag which give us a summary of Kenya’s story.”

“I love Kenya because of the far we’ve come. Our growth is beautiful.”
Wambui Kang’ara. (Blogger)
“I love Kenya because Kenya is home, where I was brought up and home is where family is.”

“I love Kenya because it’s a beautiful land of opportunities, if one is hungry enough to seize them.”
Paul Muigai. 

“I love Kenya because of the amazing and beautiful people in it. Kenyans are the absolute best.”

“I love Kenya because for years we have been a harbor of peace in which others’ ships have docked. However, our obsession with what we do not have has become an obstruction to what we already have.”
Kristy Obuya.

Art In Motion.
“I love Kenya because she has the most beautiful women in the world. Facts. Oh and the nyama choma.”
Bobo. (Dancer AIM)

“I love Kenya for the beautiful black women, and the beautiful landscape. I love Kenya for its never-ending diversity, silly creative Kenyans with never-ending memes and our rich Swahili language.”
– Githendu. (Dancer AIM) 
“I love Kenya because of its diverse cultures and its beautiful features.”
Miriam Hope.
“I love Kenya because of her rich culture and diversity with more than 40 different tribes. I also love Kenya for her amazing landscape and wildlife.”
“I love Kenya because it’s been my home my entire life and I have the most beautiful memories here. I would have never chosen a better home.”
Lora Ngunyi.
“What I love about Kenya is the vibe. The vibe of self-appreciation and knowing that we are a great nation has changed us. Before we used to look up to other countries and say that we want to be like them but these days people have started appreciating what we have and what we are growing up to be.”
Victor Mukundi. (Trumpet master) 

“What I love about Kenya ? It has a unique way of grabbing one by the throat and once it does , it makes it hard to be anywhere else. This is a place where you’ll meet a diverse range of beautiful cultures and creative individuals. Not to mention her beautiful wildlife. And believe it or not, coming from someone who’s lives elsewhere, Kenya has the kindest people on the planet! Oh and Kenyans are the best when it comes to having a good time, we can dance all night and not get tired.. Basically, I love Kenya because we are our own.”

“I love Kenya because this is where my artistic journey began.”
– Morray. (Actor)

“I love Kenya because of its geographical beauty and its unique diverse cultures.”
Vick. (Photographer) 
“I love Kenya because of the diversity we have and the different cultures that makes us Kenyans.”
–  Sandra Omari.
“I love Kenya because I love cheap thrills, from buying chips mwitu to shopping at Toi market.”
Njeri Bachia.
“I love Kenya because of the diverse culture and wildlife.”
Cynthia Njeri. (Blogger)
“I love Kenya because Kenyans are so creative. One funny move and there we go memes flowing through. Kenya is a Hotbed of talent. I love Kenya because of the many diverse cultures all around the country, and it is filled with beautiful men and women.
Why wouldn’t anyone love Kenya?”
-Joy Nkirote. 

“I love Kenya because it is beautiful, free, growing and diverse. I love the easy access transport and the music. I also love that we are a fast growing culinary tourist destination. I can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store for us.”
Kerry Kagiri. (Media Personality) 

 “I love Kenya because it has given me everything that i cherish in this life.”

“I love Kenya because it holds beauty in nature and the people who live in Kenya. The culture and nature blend so well forming a perfect harmony. This beauty is not only limited to Culture and wildlife only. The environment as you transverse different counties is so breathtaking. The forest land is a sight to behold. The flora, fauna and culture make Kenya the greatest place to be.
My land is Kenya, so warm and wild and free. You’ll always stay with me here in my heart.”

“I love Kenya because it survives. Over the years we have survived oppression, colonization, drought, famine. I’d say, if you leave Kenya you’ve left a very big part of your heart.”
Cynthia Kay.

“I love Kenya because it is multi-lingual, loud and quiet, dark-skinned and light-skinned, tall and short, small and big, young and old, rich…rich..rich…rich in her diversity.”
– Cindy Vereso. (Singer and songwriter)

“I love Kenya because Kenya is home! All my adventures, my family, my friends and the weird things that tickle me… (like makangas refusing to let you in wakisema bei ni 30 until you fura for them and ingia na 20 tao. Or when you bargain in Toi and the seller won’t budge… So you walk away halafu anakukimbiza akiwa amefunika hiyo nguo yenye alikuwa amekatalia nayo for the price you had stated). Everything in Kenya is just home.”
Tisha King.
“I love Kenya because it’s where I grew up. It’s my home, where my family and friends are. It’s a country filled with so many memories for me, both good and bad.  It’s a country filled with diversity, love and most importantly a home to millions of people.”
Nafisa Khan.
“I love Kenya because it’s my identity, my home and most importantly, my sanity. Kenya is the only place that points me back to God, my principles and all that I believe in.”
–  Angie G.
“I love Kenya because of the diversity in culture and food.”
Esther Kazungu.

“I love Kenya  because of how beautiful  it is.”
Abbie Wachira.
“I love Kenya because of its diverse culture”
Monicah Njeri.

“I love Kenya because it is a promising Nation; most peaceful; most beautiful.”
“I love kenya because it’s never about what we don’t have but it’s about what we do with what we have.”
“I love Kenya because of its food.”

“I love Kenya because it’s where my journey in life began and it’s shown me nothing but love, cheer and positivity; all spread around me like confetti.”
“I love Kenya because it’s culturally explosive.”
Kaleb Wachira.
“What I love about Kenya is the people, culture and diversity of everyone around me. Kenyans are just so beautiful and handsome to look at. I think it’s very healthy to have people around you with different opinions because that promotes critical thinking and creativity. Also, the landscapes of the country are just beautiful. Kenya is the most beautiful country in Africa.”
– Miquel (Youtuber).
“Well. I love Kenya because there’s so much freedom for expression in terms of opinions, dressing and even in religion. I also love Kenya cause of its physical beauty. There’s so much to see and admire all over the country.”
Linda Ndegwa.
“I love Kenya because its people make the best memes in the world.”
Jerome Kimani.

“One thing i actually love about kenya is the warmth and generosity that is shown, even to complete and utter strangers. There’s all kinds of discrimination experienced in other countries, but in Kenya that is not the  case. Personally i have never seen a foreigner here being treated abusively by virtue of them being different from us. This goes to show that we can all live in peace and harmony if we just try.
-Ernest Nyamu.

Absolutely love this piece of art.
“I love Kenya because of its beauty. Be it art, culture, people, dem gyals. lol. guys too. not forgetting the meme makers and rib cracking Twitter family. What is there not to love about Kenya. Ehhhh there’s also our prowess in athletics “chambions” lol. (I don’t know why I think I’m funny).”
Rita Kinuthia. (Model) 
Are we going to lash out at each other because of the accents in our mother-tongues and our election choices or are we going to realize that we actually speak with the same voice and go through the same things by virtue of being in the same land? It’s funny how we love our country for its diversity, yet that is exactly why we attack each other.
Young people are the most in the country, but we have let our voices be suppressed. Everything that happens in this country affects each of us so we can’t just sit by and watch things happen. How about for the next few hours/days, we let our voices be heard? How about we refuse to be used as vessels for spreading hate and malice? How about we use our voices to spread love and peace? My Kenya, My land.
Why do you love Kenya? Spread this message by posting a picture on your social media platforms using the hashtags #MyKenyaMyLand #PeaceInKenya. Let your voice be heard!
May the peace of God that surpasses understanding guard your hearts and your minds.
Thank you for reading. Like, share, follow and comment. Tell me why you love Kenya in the comments. Also, don’t forget to post on your social media using the hashtags above. Oh and everyone who has IG and is featured here in this post is also tagged on my IG post, so you can check them out.
That’s all for today. Wishing you a peaceful week. Till next time. Chao.

Grow and Glow. xx

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