I was scared. It was my first time and I didn’t know how it would feel. I couldn’t imagine myself putting that fleshy thing in my mouth. Would it be sour or sweet? What if I choked? Would my stomach hurt a few hours after I swallowed? So many people had told me about their experiences, some were good and some not so good. It’s sad that I can’t remember the name of the guy who gave me my first, but on this day as Mr. X handed it to me, I knew it was now or never. I decided to try it. Oh my goodness, I couldn’t believe it, it tasted so good in my mouth. He smiled when I asked him for more. A part of me knew it wasn’t good for me, but it was one of those things you just can’t resist. That was the first time I tried a smokie pasua.

Hello once again beautiful people. True to my words, I’m back at it again with a part two. Thank you for taking your time to read my first one. If you haven’t yet read my first blog post, make sure you go read it.  


So when I was brainstorming for a blog name (and trust me, it’s not the easiest task) I was on YouTube and I saw a Peter Marangi advert and baaaam inspiration. That was the beginning of a beautiful journey. Lol. I joke. The process of coming up with the name will probably bore you to sleep so I shall just jump right into the whys. 

‘A rainbow is a beautiful arch of colors visible in the sky. It is caused by refraction and dispersion of the sun’s rays or other water droplets in the atmosphere.’ Says google. (Relax, I’m not that smart guys. Lol) 

When I was younger, I was a taught an acronym to remember the colors of the rainbow, as most Kenyan 844 schools love to do. It was “Richard Of York Gave Birth In Vain”. Richard gave birth In Vain? Honestly this is one of the reasons I’m such a messed up human being. I’ve never been confused about Richard giving birth, like that’s whatever really, if Richard feels like He’s capable, then why not. I’ve just never known where Vain is, and it’s always been an issue. Like is it a country? A continent? A mountain? A place? A zoo? I’d really like to know. 
Anyway, the colors of the rainbow over time have been associated with different things. Philosophically, spiritually and fictionally a rainbow and it’s colors have been deduced to have certain meanings. I’m not an expert trust me, but the little I have learnt about rainbows and the colors in general has ignited my deeper love for them, a love I have the opportunity to share. 

I love bright colors. There’s just a way a brightly colored room or outfit can automatically change someone’s mood. Colors also represent different personalities, attitudes and thoughts. For instance:

Red is associated with love, passion, desire, enthusiasm, courage, and romance. 

Orange- when you think about orange you think of joy, enthusiasm and determination.

Yellow represents sunshine, energy, joy, new beginnings, hope, positivity.

Green makes you think of nature, of productivity, growth, fertility, wealth and health.

Blue on the hand is related to the sky and oceans, to peace, spirituality, trust, wisdom, truth and confidence.

Indigo brings the feeling of service and integrity.

Violet is associated with royalty, nobility, wisdom and dignity.


The rainbow is first mentioned in the Bible In the book of Genesis in the story of Noah. If you went to Sunday school you probably know the song ‘Noah built a giant ark..’ which gives an account of what happened. In summary, basically God got fed up with the wickedness of mankind and decided to flood the land and wipe off all living things from the face of the earth. He told 600year old Noah to build an ark that he, his family and a pair of each type of animal would stay in until the flood was over. Long story short, there was a flood for 40 days and nights, afterwhich God made a covenant with Noah that He would never again destroy the earth using a flood. The rainbow was a sign of this covenant. A sign of God’s mercy and favor towards Noah and all humanity.
The rainbow has another spiritual connotation attached to it. The concept of angel colors. The seven colors are believed to be associated with the 7 archangels. I shall not dwell more on that because it’s not mentioned in the Bible and i’m not a theologian to ascertain that. 

Who remembers the stories of rainbows and unicorns? Oh and finding gold at one end of the rainbow. I know I do. However, Born in a real African home, where a meal without meat is considered not to be a meal at all, there was no room for me to believe in unicorns and tooth fairies and sijui Santa Clause and all that. But because I’m a real Kikuyu, the association of rainbows with gold intrigues me. Like of course I’d love to get me some gold, I mean who wouldn’t.  

I’m sure some of you are wondering ‘so what’? Before you leave my blog and decide I’m too boring for your taste, just give me a few minutes to conclude this. 

A rainbow isn’t just an arc of colors, that’s what I’ve been trying to say in very many words. A rainbow to me is a promise, it’s a sign of hope, an image of who we need to be. The colors remind us that we can be better, that we have the capability of being and doing more. It’s a sign of what humanity needs to be about, aspects that we should have. From my blog posts, my hope is that slowly you’ll start to get what all the hype is about. That whenever you see a rainbow, you won’t just be like aww, take a picture and move on. My hope Is that you’ll start seeing more, that you’ll hear it telling you “Go on get yourself that love; chase that desire and passion; figure out your purpose; find that peace and joy; remember God’s covenant; remember God’s mercy and favor; you’re a beautiful bowl of sunshine, it’s time to change, time to grow; it’s time to be your own kind of rainbow…..” My hope is that my blog shall impact each of you in your own unique way. 

Each one of us is a rainbow, it’s just up to us to understand that and enhance it. That’s where my help comes in. I’m not an expert, I mean, I’m also still in my process of becoming. Just Hoping you will take this journey with me. ✨

Thank you for reading this blog post. I shall be posting biweekly. Follow, share and comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

When she realized that life wasn’t just black and white, she started becoming more aware of who she is and who she wanted to be. 🐾


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