Hello beautiful people. Did you know that saliva has a boiling point that is 3 times that of regular water? I didn’t know either until recently. 3 times! That’s crazy. Honestly, I’m not even that interested in the fact itself. I’m just wondering, how was this even discovered? So I’m guessing John (random name) was sitting in the house eating a mango then he was like “hmmm I should fill this pot up with saliva and see how long it will take to boil.” Wow. Like thanks John, we shall not wonder about that anymore.


Anyway, my name is Foi and this is my blog ‘Rainbow in Africa’. I’m sure some of you are wondering about the name (or not). I shall talk about that in my next blog post, part two of this introduction, so don’t you worry.

First of all thank you for taking your time to join me as I give birth to my baby (just cringed a little actually imagining that). So it’s only fair that I introduce myself as I welcome you to take this journey with me. For you to know me a bit and so that I’m no longer that much of a stranger, here’s 7 things you need to know about me:

  • What is my real name?

Every time I introduce myself I always use the name Foi, and many people wonder if that is my real name. (Is there really something like a real name though? What’s a fake name then? Sorry. I divert a lot) Well, no, Foi is not the name on my birth certificate or my ID either. It’s just a nickname. Have you ever seen this quote for ‘we all have that one friend who everyone only calls by their nickname.’? Yeah, I’m that friend. Mary is my first official name. However, Foi is short form for Wambui, my middle name. Then there’s this other question that arises, ‘Isn’t the short form for Wambui, Bobo?’ Yes and No. Nicknames and short forms vary from person to person and from family to family.

  • How old am I?

No, I am not 14. Sorry kids, didn’t mean to disappoint you on my first post. Lol. I am currently 19 years. I am turning 20 years on 16th July, that’s 2 weeks from now. Yes I had to lowkey mention my birthday. Those gifts better start coming through.


  • What school am I in?

I am currently in The University of Nairobi. Please note the word ‘currently’ because I am wondering if school is important. I mean birds and insects survive without school. Anyway that’s another discussion all together.

  • What do I like doing during my free time?

NOTHING. It’s called ‘free’ time for a reason. I do not understand people who use their free time being active. Honestly, sometimes I’m usually in a hurry to go home just so that I can sit and do absolutely nothing, literally. It’s usually so much fun.

  • What are my talents?

I am a professional noise maker, especially when I am in a really good mood. I am also very skilled at fake laughing. If you ever need help in these sectors, hit me up.

I’m an actress, a writer, an over thinker (yes, it is a talent) and an aspiring rapper (I especially like unwrapping gifts for my birthday, see what I did there?)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Had to prove that I can fake laugh.


  • What is my favorite food?

CHICKEN, Yaaaas booboo. Kwanza spicy drumsticks. Oh my goodness. I also really really love fries. Actually when I was in lower primary school, I used to eat fries every day for lunch. I was in an Indian IGCSE school and that’s all I could eat from the cafeteria. Every day for almost 2 years. You’d think I’d be fat by now. The fat probably just went to my five-head.

  • What’s my favorite type of music?

Afro beats all day every day. I listen to all kinds of music, depending on my mood. But if I was stuck in an island and the rulers of the island (probably antelopes) said I could only listen to one genre of music, it would definitely be Afro beats. There’s just something about African music.


Yep, that’s me! (In ‘that’s so Raven’s’ Voice). Those are the 7 most basic things about me, in very many words. I remember in High School, like during funkies, when a guy was hitting on you, those were the questions that were asked and then a kavibe thrown like this like that. Lol. Right now, hit me up with a question like ‘what do you think about the philosophy of the nonexistence of time?’ Then and only then shall I probably start swooning.


Thank you guys for reading my first blog post. I shall be posting a part 2 in a few days. Remember to follow, share and comment. You can also contact me on any of my social media handles, I’d love to hear what you think. Till next time. Chaoooo.






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